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The Hen Commandments


The Hen Commandments
is the new game from TerrorBull Games

In The Hen Commandments, players are disciples of The Holy Chicken, interpreting the messages that issue forth via the medium of encoded eggs. Everyone works collaboratively to craft a new religion, while individually vying for position of best disciple.

How to Play

  1. The Holy Chicken lays six eggs, each containing a word, which form a strange commandment
  2. All disciples pick the theme they feel best fits the commandment: Discipline, Judgement, Compassion, Desire, Sacrifice, Purity, Tolerance, Equality
  3. Those who pick a unique theme get a further minute to explain the commandment to the others
  4. Those who didn't pick a unique theme act as judges for that round and award points to the most convincing disciple
  5. The winner after 10 rounds gets a copy of all 10 commandments so they can start their own sect of Henninism

About TerrorBull Games

We make satirical and subversive games about difficult subjects, using traditional forms of play like card and board games.

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