Our Favourite Quotes

"My own mother nuked me on Christmas Day, UNFORGIVABLE!" Skits - 4th January 2013

"Thanks to you crazy bastards, i can finaly end the world in a nuclear armageddon! Thank you soo much!" Joseph - 11th August 2012

"Like Monty Python meets the game of Risk." Foreign Policy Magazine - 3rd January 2012

"I am shamed and saddened by 1. how long it has taken me to buy this and 2. the presence of narrow-minded idiots in our species. you guys are LEGENDS." anonymous - 6th December 2011

"Hectic, loud and completely politically incorrect - just as you would expect from Terror Bull Games" Guido from commenting on Our Sonovabitch - 28th June 2011

"War on Terror, is a huge favorite in all my playgroups because it has political and satire elements but is simple and really fun with massive opportunities for bullying, blackmail, coercion, extortion, double-crossing and player-on-player screwage on both the one-on-one and mass screwage scale " Forum comment over at Board Game Geek - 22nd July 2010

"With a theme that would be too cool for even the hypothetical lovechild of the Shaft and the Hoff, you better know this game kicks some serious ass ... Cool as Obama's tits." A (very) satisfied customer - 12th May 2010

"A bloody good game ... very impressive indeed" Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"Beautifully subversive, brimming with attitude, this is without doubt one of the coolest board games EVER!" Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"This is a true classic from British manufacturer TerrorBull Games." Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"I doubt there's another game anywhere on our funny little planet quite like it (not in civilised society anyway)." Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"Sheer genius." Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"You'll shake your head with appreciation when you play this it's that good" Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"Will give you more truth about what went on than most of the usual media." Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"Crunch replicates our modern banking system perfectly; to win you must cheat and bluff your way to the ultimate golden handshake. " Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"TerrorBull Games to run for office!" Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"TerrorBull Games to run for office!" Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool - 19th February 2010

"The toy trade might need to have a rethink." Toy News, Feb 2010 - 2nd February 2010

"You have turned terrorism into a theme that can be toyed with. And for the first time since my evacuation from the tube 7th July 2005, I have been able to do just that, without having it crawl under my skin. You have no idea how grateful I am. " Just wanted to say - 30th January 2010

"Semi-legendary exercise in participatory satire" Playin' Games, London - 29th January 2010

"In reality it's an extremely well-observed, darkly humorous take on world politics. Oh, and it's a great game too." Playin' Games, London - 29th January 2010

"Extremely funny and an excellent ice-breaker at parties" Playin' Games, London - 29th January 2010

"It's satirical, subversive and seriously entertaining" The Morning Star - 23rd January 2010

"Almost as educational as a Chomsky book" The Morning Star - 23rd January 2010

"A masters in realpolitik in game form" El Mundo newspaper, Spain - 15th December 2009

"Perhaps the best board game in the world, maybe of all time " El Mundo newspaper, Spain - 15th December 2009

"Unlike anything that has gone before" Benjamin Woolley, BBC - 15th December 2009

"must be the only board game ever to be classified an offensive weapon" Benjamin Woolley, BBC - 15th December 2009

"[The history of British games] has ended up where it belongs: In the world of cheeky, slightly tasteless, nothing-taken-too-seriously satire." Benjamin Woolley, BBC - 15th December 2009

"Radical " Benjamin Woolley, BBC - 15th December 2009

"I lent my copy of The War on Terror to my mates last Christmas. One couple didn't speak to each other for a week." Customer feedback - 14th December 2009

"Has to be the cheeriest thing to come out of the financial crisis" The Telegraph - 1st December 2009

"Through the fog of an often collusive and compliant media comes this extraordinary game, achieving, with its black humour, its own truth about the pernicious 'War on Terror'. " John Pilger - 9th November 2009

"c'est genial" Tomi Ungerer - 8th November 2009

"A game with attitude..." The Independent - No. 5 in 'Top 50 Board Games' - 7th November 2009

"4 AM. 40 Degrees. 4 Players. 4 hours seeing your 'evil' mate sweltering in a balaclava :-) Priceless" A satisfied customer - 27th October 2009

"Your game is so badass that I'm sure playing it works as a penis enlargement method." A satisfied customer - 23rd October 2009

"Everything we play boardgames for in one easy to learn, psychotically controversial package" Forum comment over at Board Game Geek - 22nd July 2009

"'War on terror' the board game brings an ordinary night with friends to new satirical heights. " Nobel Peace Centre - Oslo - 11th June 2009

"For the sort of family who might play monopoly once every 6 months. We played War On Terror 5 times in one week. Addictive, entertaining and nuketastic." Peter Fryers (Cambridge) - 21st April 2009

"Legendary board game" Der Spiegel - 24th March 2009

"I gave War on Terror to my boyfriend for christmas. He didn't like it, so I dumped him." Comment via Twitter - 4th March 2009

"you guys ARE the UK's leading games satirists" Dave Salisbury - Fan Boy Three (Games Shop) - 20th January 2009

"Super fun amazing fantastically ultra fun happy game... of Death" review - 12th January 2009

"Just got hit on based on my purchase of "war on terror: the board game". " Culled from Twitter to prove that 'War on Terror' makes you more physically attractive - 9th January 2009

"More than just a boardgame" New Internationalist - 6th January 2009

"... raises some interesting questions about the sort of value system that finds it acceptable to co-opt the nation's youth into blowing people up in the bloodiest, most sadistic way imaginable, while a game that pushes players towards asking meaningful questions about the west's geopolitical strategy is verboten." John Ozimek, The Guardian - 29th December 2008

"This is not the first time that TerrorBull Games has got up an establishment nose" John Ozimek, The Guardian - 29th December 2008

"Top marks to War on Terror, which seems to be doing everything you could ask of a satirical board game" The Guardian - 29th December 2008

"I'm serving in Afghanistan now and found this game both fun and useful when it comes to understanding what we're in the middle of out here. Not a morale builder exactly... " Soldier serving in Afghanistan - 28th December 2008

"Shadowy" Playin' Games, London - 19th December 2008

"Infinitely lovable hooligans" Urban Garden Magazine - 19th December 2008

"Official 'Holy Crap Wasn't Expecting That!' gift of the year" A happy customer - 3rd December 2008

"What struck us all was how well the creators of the game understood--phlisophically and physically, what makes countries do what they do. " review - 30th November 2008

"This is a game where you get to see that when art imitates life, art is really scary. " review - 30th November 2008

"Spectacularly controversial" Forbes - 29th November 2008

"The game is sort of a post-9/11 Risk meets Monopoloy, with players gradually understanding that no one can be truly good or truly evil." review - 29th November 2008

"At the tip of the sharp tongue of satire" BBC - 25th October 2008

"The Perfect Holiday Gift. Nice touch award: the Axis of Evil spinner in the middle of the board." Foreign Policy Magazine - 21st October 2008

"A unique experience in coalition, uniting the most unruly factions in a back-stabbing sort of way. Lighten up your dark side and smile as it all blows up in your face." Games Gazette - 20th October 2008

"It mocks the apparent simplicity with which governments label our international struggle" BBC - 15th October 2008

"The balaclava has achieved cult status" BBC - 14th October 2008

"It's all about power, oil and weapons." Der Spiegel - 14th October 2008

"Sensational" Der Spiegel - 14th October 2008

"Another great thing about this one is that it parodies a very hot button issue and leads to actual serious conversations from the seemingly lighthearted nature of a board game." Random forum comment - 9th October 2008

"savagely satirical" Random forum comment - 9th October 2008

"Not only is this (the balaclava) an ideal kink accessory it will save you fuel bills this winter. " London Fetish Scene - 9th October 2008

"A satirical broadside against the hypocrisy of US-British foreign policy." New Internationalist - 6th October 2008

"Another way to meet new friends and fetish partners " Forum - The international journal of human relations - 30th September 2008

"A shot of savage satire" Forum - The international journal of human relations - 29th September 2008

"This has to be the most English board game ever made" Random Contact - 29th September 2008

"If anything, the story of these three local lads is one of the little man against the big man." BBC - 14th September 2008

"I can easily imagine a massive classy meeting room filled with the worlds movers n' shakers, with their lap dogs, puppets, and yes-men in tow, treating the fate of the world like it was a high-stakes board game." review - 5th September 2008

"Infamous" Cambridge Evening News - 4th September 2008

"War On Terror: The Boardgame is as sinisterly dark social commentary as it is brilliant political satire" - 4th September 2008

"The War on Terror board game demonstrates an unusual modern twist and the Museum is grateful for this kind donation." The Victoria & Albert Museum - The Museum of Childhood - 2nd September 2008

"You guys are Cool Dudes" DOCTOR WHO (Colin Baker) - 2nd September 2008

"As the game's rules explain, if you get the conveniently basic division of good and evil in Star Wars, you'll understand what politicians tell us in the news." BBC - 1st September 2008

"That game is considered 'dangerous' and 'criminal' because it exposes government sponsored terrorism." Random comment - 26th August 2008

"Dear Santa, please can I have one of those ace war on terror board games to play with my friends. Please can I have some friends, too." Random comment - 26th August 2008

"This game is RISK+Monopoly on crack" Random comment - 26th August 2008

"If I was a Zavvi Exec right now - I'd be shooting my PR team, and firing myself. FAIL!" Random comment - 25th August 2008

"I am grateful that the plod have brought this obviously insightful and inherently honest product to my attention. I plan to order a copy immediately." A happy customer - 23rd August 2008

"Hallelujah praise the Lord! The angels have come to Earth and God let them make a Boardgame. That shows you who the REAL terrorists are. Amen!" Patrick from Holland - 20th August 2008

"The EVIL balacalava is on half my friends when their pic comes up on my cell phone." A happy customer - 16th August 2008

"An apt but scathing comparison to the real world" - 11th August 2008

"Anyone who complained about this game should be flogged. " Random forum comment - 8th August 2008

"my God is it brutal" Michael, - 7th August 2008

"An enormously entertaining game. Very dark, but also very funny." Frank Chadwick, game designer - 7th August 2008

"i loved it so much im getting a tattoo of the front cover on my face... its mainly to hide the scars... " a happy customer - 31st July 2008

"The components in this game rock. Finding out that it was self published is jaw dropping. What you get in the box itself makes this game worth getting." A happy customer - 16th July 2008

"good fucking game! too bad i felt like such a bourgeoisie pig paying 58 dollars for it. it was well worth it. keep fighting them! (:" logan huntington - 23rd June 2008

"It is part of my job working for the UK MOD to be on the look out for novel, insightful, informed and up-to-date simulations that could help in the training of British Soldiers for Contemporary Operations. I have looked at "The War on Terror" and can safely say that it is pretty useless for any sort of military training. It is, however, a damn good game."" Major Tom Mouat, MBE, Joint Battlefield Training and Simulations Team - 13th June 2008

"This has got to be the best boardgame I have ever played, It's also makes you think about the things that really go on in the world." A happy customer - 9th June 2008

"Loved it! The only boardgame I ever played that gets more fun as the game goes on." A happy customer - 9th June 2008

"40% SETTLERS, 40% RISK, 20% Total Chaos - the rare Parody/Satire Game that's actually playable and really good fun" A happy customer - 15th May 2008

"Scathing satire of IMPERIAL/STRUGGLE OF EMPIRE-type games that's awesome in its own right." A happy customer - 15th May 2008

"Boardgame of the decade!" A happy customer - 15th May 2008

"If you can't handle the theme, stay off the planet" Advice from a happy customer to a prospective customer - 15th May 2008

"10/10 this has got to be the best boardgame I have ever played, It's also makes you think about the things that really go on in the world." A happy customer - 5th May 2008

"Risk + Monopoly + political satire = best game ever" A Happy Customer - 4th April 2008

"War on Terror makes a terrible starter for a lesson but an outstanding starter for an education." Daniel Raven-Ellison, Head of Geography, Langtree School, Reading - 21st February 2008

"A cleverly crafted satire that can be used by educators to provoke students to think critically about one of the most important issues of our time" Dr. Nick Megoran, lecturer in Geopolitics and Human Geography, University of Newcastle - 12th February 2008

"Thanks for the opportunity to reflect more deeply about our world" Happy customer - 24th January 2008

"Sounds like the perfect recipe for family harmony" Daniel Finkelstein, The Times - 27th December 2007

"Terror-ific! " review - 27th December 2007

"Every bit as clever, funny, poignant and - despite its satire - true, as I could have imagined. An incredibly addictive game, one part Monopoly, one part Risk, the other part Rage Against The Machine, this is a game for intelligent thinkers, once again using the power of humour (and fun!) to combat the myths of our time." review - 27th December 2007

"Our unexpected Christmas hit of the year" Bookmarks - the socialist bookshop, London - 20th December 2007

"A bloody great success" Paul, New Internationalist, Oz. - 19th December 2007

"Thank you for your commitment to doing battle against censorship your manifesto is ultimately at the heart of my gaming ideology" A Happy Customer - 11th December 2007

"Awesome game, guys. Have really been enjoying it." A Happy Customer - 11th December 2007

"This Game Will Bring World Peace" review - 4th December 2007

"I promise you this: after playing this game, you will split your life into two sections -- "pre-War On Terror the Boardgame" and "post-War on Terror the Boardgame." You may even, as I have, reset your age accordingly. I am now 11 months old. In two weeks, I will have my first birthday. All I have asked for is more copies of War on Terror The Boardgame so I can help spread it like the thought virus it is. Change your life today!" review - 4th December 2007

"Whoever is responsible for this outrage should, in the name of all that is fair, be given a medal for services to satire. Sheer genius." review - 4th December 2007

"Sick" The Sun - 3rd December 2007

"Genius satire" Amnesty international - 29th November 2007

"to make a board game out of this subject matter is crass and tasteless" Black Lion Games - Edinburgh - 22nd November 2007

"I have played this game naked with my grandfather, and he tackled the hun in the second world war!" A happy customer - 17th November 2007

"Sorry - it doesn't fit in with our luxury strategy." Buyer - gifts and stationary, Harrods - 17th November 2007

"What's the point of having a revolution if you can't have any fun ?" Happy Customer - 8th November 2007

"And this years winner of 'Most inventive medium for propaganda' goes to 'War on Terror - The Boardgame'." Socialist Unity Network - 20th September 2007

"A sharp and sledgehammer understanding of geo-political conflict" Socialist Unity Network - 20th September 2007

"Dumb ass uk-faggs" Random Contact - 4th September 2007

"Just finished my first session - played it back to back FOUR TIMES. the greatest board game ever. you lot are genii!" a happy customer - 2nd August 2007

"I think you guys are doing a great thing in bringing/ forcing/ suggesting a new perspective and I want to say thanks." a happy customer - 2nd August 2007

"Send this to Iraq!!! we need it!" Mike, in Iraq - 2nd August 2007

"5 STARS. At last - a board game with attitude." New Internationalist - 1st August 2007

"Ironically, while teenagers can buy graphic computer games allowing them to fantasize about killing Iraqis and Afghans, this game has been lambasted in the press and banned by major retailers and games fairs. So do your bit for freedom and buy copies for all your friends" New Internationalist - 1st August 2007

"Stupid, Silly, Tragic war. On both sides. Deserved a good silly game to go with it. Thanks for making it." Iraq combat veteran - 26th June 2007

"One of the most thought provoking games we've seen in years." Playboy - 15th May 2007

"This is just wrong on so many levels." Random contact - 15th May 2007

"Don't you think this game will make other people want to attack and 'join' terrorist groups?" Random contact - 15th May 2007

"Somebody has gone too far" Andrew Lansley - Conservative MP - 15th May 2007

"Very impressed with the work you've all put into it." Oliver, satisfied customer - 10th May 2007

"A groundbreaker of social significance." Fellow board game designer - 8th May 2007

"One word: AWESOME!!!!" Jen, satisfied customer - 20th April 2007

"This will probably earn me a spot on the CIA terrorist watch list but I think it's worth it." Random contact - 16th April 2007

"I strongly disagree with this game. It will provoke little minds. Kids will develop such evil intent." Newspaper article comment page - 12th April 2007

"A masterpiece" Random contact - 23rd March 2007

"This is exactly the game the World needs." Random contact - 23rd March 2007

"Risk and Monopoly with WMD" The Onion - 14th March 2007

"One of the best games in the world! Well designed, thoughtful and lots of fun." Daniel, Satisfied customer - 2nd March 2007

"Your game is original, funny, easy to play and it makes people think." Cavanilles, Satisfied customer - 2nd March 2007

"Thanks for the game, and have strength in fighting those burocrats!" Janos - 26th February 2007

"Well done guys - you've made a very good game which has some superb dynamics" Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group - 26th February 2007

"There exists a vast need in this world for people who, through the therapeutic devices of sarcasm and parody, show the other 'realness' of the real world." Random contact - 26th February 2007

"Not sure I'd want to buy a game that has a left tilt to it." Random contact - 26th February 2007

"I don't think I've ever seen such gutsy guerilla tactics used to advertise a boardgame... those guys have brass balls." Random comment - 26th February 2007

"I do like your style." Major Tom Mouat MBE - 24th February 2007

"We laughed so much, your game is absolutely inspired. Genius." Emma, Satisfied customer - 20th February 2007

"Without true eccentric Englishmen like you, this world would be shit." Matt, Satisfied customer - 21st January 2007

"One of the best playing board games ever made." Patrick, Satisfied customer - 10th January 2007

"If there were more independent and incredulous thinkers like the War on Terror's creators, perhaps the world would be a better place." Courier Mail, Australia - 26th December 2006

"It's the best boardgame I've ever played, and I will recommend it to friends and family and strangers I meet on the bus." Emma, Satisfied customer - 14th December 2006

"The quality and ambition of this is just jaw-dropping." Matt, Satisfied customer - 11th December 2006

"Reminded me of the fury over the Brass Eye." Random contact - 10th December 2006

"The developers have done an absolutely fantastic job in putting this together." BoardGameGeek review - 10th December 2006

"Other game companies would do well to mimic the component quality in this game." BoardGameGeek review - 10th December 2006

"Board games are about reclaiming community and reclaiming public space" Random contact - 5th December 2006

"We don't need anymore violence in our lifes" Random contact - 5th December 2006

"Good on you, screw PC bring on the Controversy." random contact - 5th December 2006

"Don't let the bastards get you down..." Random contact - 5th December 2006

"I think you make more sense than any of these BBC guys or Blairites I hear in the media (not much of a compliment I know, but still)." Random contact - 5th December 2006

"Fantastic idea and great that someone is prepared to make a stand in the face of all this fear-mongering home-produced(??) terror bullshit!" Marcus, Satisfied customer - 5th December 2006

"Kind of what would happen if Randy Newman had designed Risk" Constantine Hoffman, Brandweek - 3rd December 2006

"Your blog entries do a fabulous job of showing up the pervasive editorialising that goes on - to everyone's detriment." Random contact - 2nd December 2006

"Wonderfully tongue-in-cheek subversive humour. Worth every penny, go buy a copy now." Emma, Satisfied customer - 1st December 2006

"Subversive" Courier Mail, Australia - 1st December 2006

"When all the hoo-ha has finally blown over I'd like you to work as my publicists" Random contact - 30th November 2006

"War on Terror has an unrepentantly grim view of geopolitics and a British fear of naked capitalism." Stars & Stripes - 30th November 2006

"A DIY, punk-rock effort against political backlash and ignorant parnter companies." Matt, Satisfied customer - 25th November 2006

"God bless your board game and all who play with her." Random contact - 15th November 2006

"The great british tradition of poking fun at absolutely everybody" Random contact - 8th November 2006

"If it wasnt for the U.S. and Presidents like Reagan and Bush you and the rest of Europe would be under communist rule" website contact email - 5th November 2006

"We need more creative, innovative stuff like this in the dreary activist scene" Random contact - 5th November 2006

"Thanks to the Sun newspaper and the BBC telling us how "disgraceful" this game is my eyes have been opened to this wonderful game." Random contact - 2nd November 2006

"You'll probably end up in Guantanamo for this!" preorder comment - 15th October 2006

"An absolutely feckin corkin' idea" Random Contact - 8th October 2006

"Keep up the good work and don't listen to the outrage, it's only a game :-)" Random contact - 8th October 2006

"I love you lot for making this happen" preorder comment - 5th October 2006

"You have no heart, I love it." George, test game comment - 5th October 2006

"When I read about this on the BBC I laughed so much it hurt" Random contact - 5th October 2006

"It's such a shame the Beeb were a bunch of @ssholes :(" Random contact - 5th October 2006

"Just want to give you a quick note to say I saw the BBC London segment on the game, and thought that was some appauling journalism." Random contact - 4th October 2006

"thank god there weren't a lot of people like you around during world war II" website contact email - 2nd October 2006

"absolutely deplorable" Board Game Geek comment - 1st October 2006

"sick and ridiculous" Dominique Metzler, Essen Spiel toy fair organiser - 30th September 2006

"it goes beyond the boundries of satirical" Dominique Metzler, Essen Spiel toy fair organiser - 30th September 2006

"This game is gonna be so sweet" Random contact - 30th September 2006

"Thankyou for attempting to raise the political awareness that will no doubt be needed in the v.near future!" Random contact - 30th September 2006

"Are you a terrorist bastard, 26 squids??? Are you mad???? OK, send me three" Random contact - 30th September 2006

"I must buy the game. I live in the Middle East and it will be a hoot." Random contact - 30th September 2006

"I will pay contactairfares if you just leave Britain and go and live PERMANENTLY with your chums in Iran/Iraq etc." Random hatemail - 30th September 2006

"People seem to have forgotten what satire is, and the bigger picture of the War on Terror." Random contact - 30th September 2006

"As someone with 3 brain cells to rub together I fully understand the reasoning and humour behind your game." Random contact - 28th September 2006

"If I'm not mistaken, this appears to be the Greatest Thing Ever Ever Ever" website contact email - 26th September 2006

"What this game is doing on the front page of a quality newspaper is beyond me, but so are a lot of things..." preorder comment - 26th September 2006

"Ignore the fuckwits and naysayers and carry on" WoT game tester's reaction to press coverage - 26th September 2006

"I bet that 5000 isn't enough for the whole world!!!" Random contact - 25th September 2006

"the game that voltaire would have made" Board Game Geek comment - 22nd September 2006

"This game is the best game in the world, tho i havent got it yet..." Random contact - 22nd September 2006

"Brilliant! Can't wait to be a terrorist!" preorder comment - 20th September 2006

"Appears to have crossed the line of what was acceptable" The Daily Mail - 18th September 2006

"the game of our time" preorder comment - 16th September 2006

"Absolutely fantastic" preorder comment - 15th September 2006

"best. game. ever. and Ive not even played it yet" preorder comment - 11th September 2006

"Looks like the best thing since Junta, maybe even better!" preorder comment - 8th September 2006

"Scarily hilarious" preorder comment - 5th September 2006

"Gives me hope that you managed to get it published" preorder comment - 5th September 2006

"Glad you had the balls to put it into production!" Random contact - 5th September 2006

"Nice one, son" inventor's dad - 1st September 2006

"I quite like the terrorists." Pedram, test game comment - 5th March 2006

"Sorry, Tom." Andy T, test game comment (after wiping out 7 cities with chemical weapons) - 5th March 2006

"I'm going to shit myself." Tom MJ, test game comment (after learning Andy T has 2 nuclear weapons) - 5th March 2006

"That's the worst possible time for a Global Jihad." George, test game comment - 26th February 2006

"I'll give you 20m to go away." Tom MJ, test game comment - 21st February 2006

"It's all about oil." Tom MJ, test game comment - 10th February 2006

"I'm going to nuke my own fucking town." Andy S, test game comment - 22nd January 2006

"It's things like this that make you turn to religion. Just to have someone else to blame." Tom L, test game comment - 15th January 2006

"That was the most fun I've ever had on a board." Andy S, test game comment - 5th December 2005

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