Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalyse: the parlour game

Zombie Apocalypse overview:
"No politics, just an excuse to trash your house"
8+ players
Minutes? Hours?
12+ yrs

We decided to do something a little different for Halloween - no politics, just zombies. No politics, that is, unless you see the zombies as a metaphor for the insatiable, infectious disease of material capitalism and the survivors as self-organising individuals trying in vain to create a non-hierarchical egalitarian utopia, then yeh, it's pretty political.

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All you need to do is download the game files, print them off and you're good to go. Any boards, playing tokens, cards etc. are included in the files, but you may need to source some other bits yourself - typically dice, paper & some coins as counters.

Game Files

You will need: A house you don't mind wrecking. Pretty understanding friends who don't mind being groped in the dark.

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About Zombie Apocalypse

It seemed the perfect game for Halloween - or any gathering of people, really. So have at it: the only tickling-based zombie game you will ever need (or want).

Highlights include: multiple winning criteria (especially with the "shoes" game variation); the ability to throw your best friend to the zombies to save your own ass; the cast-iron guarantee of trashing your own house and generally a recipe for fun-filled, horrific chaos.

As always, let us know how you get on. Your feedback is like cream cakes to our creative fat kids.


P.S. The ever-dependable Brettspielplatz has kindly translated Zombie Apocalypse auf Deutsch.

Game Reports

Transcript of letter recovered by decon team:

Hey sis, I've been LARPING! Sort of. It's not "official" larping, but rather a LARP disguised as a parlour game (like how murder mystery games designed for dinner parties are all just combat-free LARPS). Played this Zombie Apocalypse Party Game: And I played it in my squat. I'm squatting in a bit of Melbourne's urban landscape leftover from its industrial revolution. So an old two-story house (imagine the feeling of being at Grandma's; like that, but a nicer house) combined with an old factory which was refurbished at some point in the late 90s for IT business. Out back, we have a complex of office buildings and warehouses, in various states of destruction. Local kids have torn through the place, breaking holes in walls, spraying graffiti, and smashing windows, for the last two years or so. In other words, it's a pretty trippy place. Especially in the dark (which, since it has neither electricity nor adequet windows, is always). The result? I stand at the top of a staircase (partially blocked by fallen drywall and timber) hiding in the shadows. I can see the flicker of flashlights on the story below, voices travelling through the empty halls. Eventually a pair start ascending the staircase and ZOOM! Gonzalo screams and Katie runs as I leap out, claws extended. Within minutes Gonzalo and I had herded all of the survivors into one room (they didn't know their way well enough to escape) for a general slaughter... Except for one! Wes hangs on for ten minutes, with four or five zombies chasing or hanging off of his limbs. At one stage, I wondered whether it would be considered rude to grab his crotch or lick his ear to get him to scream? I highly recommend this next time you have an interesting location, half a dozen or more friends, and would like to trick people into LARPING. We found it useful to assign objectives (capture the flag or something) to convince the survivors to go wandering around the ambush zone. Otherwise you basically have to play a bad horror film. "Hey guys, let's check out this old warehouse! Gee, what do you say we split up?" That's a direct quotation of me trying to get the first round up and going... James

Thanks James! Atmospheric and very funny. Love the idea of introducing flag-capturing goals, especially in larger spaces.

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