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05 Oct 2011

We did it!

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By "we", we mean "you" - YOU bloody did it. You answered our call when we asked for help and you gave more supportingly and generously than we could ever have hoped for. And now ... now we have enough money to buy the rights to Jarvis Cocker's "Running the World". Thank you!

This will be looked back upon as an exciting and happy chapter in the story of TerrorBull Games. It's particularly humble to know that we have built up such a store of goodwill that people are willing - especially in the current climate - to give money to something so superficial and seemingly inconsequential.

However, those of you that pitched in, you clearly saw what this meant to us and to the game and it was wonderful that you shared the same desire that we did to make this thing as great as possible.

And it is looking - and sounding - great. Here's another sneak preview as a little way of saying "thanks". This little fella pops up when you start the game:

Can I help you liberate the world?

Once again, everyone who donated, tweeted, liked and generally helped us on our way, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our balls. You've made our day.


Posted by TerrorBull Games on 5 October 2011 - 3 comments

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Comments so far:

  1. The poster has been delivered today. It looks great! Now if only I had an iphone, I could actually play the bloody game ... :pDavid Holt from Amsterdam - 28 October 2011
  2. Looking forward to release, need to satisfy my world running aspirations, any idea of a release date yet?Bob Mugabe from Harare - 30 October 2011
  3. Release date .... is looming .... we have to submit the app to the iTunes store this week and then, pending approval, should be live pretty soon after!TerrorBull Games - 1 November 2011

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