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02 Jul 2010

An Auction for Infamy

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Who hasn't dreamt of seeing their face on a bank note? Well, like the Internet gods we are, we can make that dream come true, right now. And we don't mean just making a bank note out of a mirror. Think we speak of witchery? Read on:

On Friday 9 July we'll be auctioning off a rare prize: the ability to get your ugly mug on the money in the ALL NEW edition of War on Terror. Like this:

This is terribly exciting for two reasons.
(1) We're finally actually making edition two! Holy game development!
(2) You can be as infamous as the game itself, with your face appearing on the money of at least 5,000 War on Terrors being printed this summer

And if this weren't like all your Christmases/Hanukkahs/Eids/Kwanzaas/Winter Soltices/National Science Weeks (delete as appropriate) come at once, we're also giving 50% of everything we raise to Amnesty. So both you and we can feel good about narcissism. Where's the other 50% going, we hear you cry? Well, the whole reason we're doing this is to raise some cash to go towards producing our NEXT game. That's almost a better cause than Amnesty. It's win-win all the way...

Full details of this very special event are on this page: http://www.terrorbullgames.co.uk/moneyauction

Please, please, please help us spread the word around. Tell everyone who makes the mistake of coming within talking-distance of you. If no one comes within talking distance of you*, please buy a megaphone, or learn semaphore. If you must go down the semaphore route, please ensure the people you're signalling to also know semaphore .... so you may need to run a few free semaphore workshops in your local area before broadcasting your semaphore message. In which case, you may as well just tell those people face-to-face when they come in for the workshop. Easy.

* You might want to try showering too


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