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02 Sep 2008

GenCon UK

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We've just returned from this years Gen Con UK in Reading and boy did we have fun. After last years triumph we were welcomed back with open arms. But this year we went one better, we replaced the plastic squashed rats with the one and only Andy Tompkins, with pretty much everybody agreeing this was an improvement.

This wasn't the only change we made to our stall, we emblazoned our frontage with quotes that we couldn't make up if we tried. And as a special treat for Gen Con 08 guests we had our beloved balaclava's on sale separately - made infamous recently by the Kent Constabulary. And we had pin badges for kids of all ages - with toddlers and parents preferring to go with the classic 'EVIL' design - We've never seen such grins.

It's a strange one for us, this once private joke becoming more popular each year. The amount of folk that now come up to us and rave about the game tends to freak out not just us, but other gamers who haven't played it yet. We are touched and must thank you all who have gave us such positive and constructive feedback.

The hard core gamers also appreciated the rave review we had on display that Frank Chadwick (a veteran games designer of high reputation) kindly gave us after judging the game to be in the top ten 'Historical boardgames of 2007' at the 34th Origins Awards. One Games designer who has known Frank for 32 years was amazed that we had such a positive endorsement from this man of such stature, he's apparently a hard man to please and wisely is not generally the endorsing type - So we have a new found respect for Frank and his kind words.

Fun was had on all four days and was rewarded by playing hard in the evenings which these dedicated gamers do well. We're not sure if it was the fine University campus setting that got us giddy or the 'potions' of 'gaming goodness' we were drinking. Either way we had a great time and met so many great people. Luckily we've been invited back next year and that will be about the right amount of time to recover.

The Charity auction was awesome and one of the highlights of the four days for us. Once again Tom scribbled some original terrorist based drawings for it only for him to later bid on his own work. He really needs to keep his ego in check or see a doctor about his memory, or stop drinking so much. But the highlight was Doctor Who (Colin Baker), who with very little persuasion compared and wooed the baying audience and whipped them up into a frenzy never before seen by Timelord or human. He was a consummate professional and now our favourite Doctor - Almost pipping the pretty girl companion in the leather bikini for best Doctor Who character of all time. Almost.

Grant from the charity bring and buy was auctioning off possibly the best thing that's ever been auctioned off - tattoo space! And miraculously anything we wanted!! So the three War on Terror boys rose to the challenge and ended up bidding against each other for this prime bit of flesh - and surprisingly one of us won. Poor Grant, what have you done? Watch this space for the result.

And the verdict from the good Doctor himself? "You guys are Cool Dudes." So TerrorBull Games are now endorsed intergallactically through time and space by Doctor Who. Universal liberation beckons.


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