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17 Nov 2008

War on Terror in Nobel Peace Center

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The Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, representing perhaps the world's most famous arbiters of peace, and recognising deeds for 'the good of mankind' now stock our game.

We always intended for War on Terror to be a peaceful protest and debate instigator via the medium of family fun (that's not what is says on the box - ed) but even we were surprised and honoured by this latest edition to our stockists page.

This new home for our game is doubly exciting because the Nobel Peace Center are blazing a trail: they're our first Norwegian stockist - something that will be of great relief to Norwegian wallets. The postage costs from the UK were previously nothing short of pillage.

So if you find yourself skiing near Oslo, eating a spot of whale meat, or just enjoying the local firewater then do make time to visit the centre. It's got a hell of a lot more than just a list of peace prizes they've doled out. They've got a very interesting-looking programme of events and its dead easy to find the place: slap bang in the centre of Oslo, by the water's edge, opposite the two towered town hall. And don't forget to visit the gift shop on the way out to pick up everybody's favourite game of peace.


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