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02 Mar 2008

'War on Terrror - The boardgame' now in the Imperial War Museum London

Gallery snapshot. View gallery of 'War on Terrror - The boardgame' now in the Imperial War Museum London

We are chuffed to announce that our board game has been accepted into the collection at the Imperial War Museum, London.

The IWM’s unparalleled collection of resources examine the causes, course and consequences of British conflicts since WWI. Their purpose of broadening people’s understanding and appreciation of history, national identity and civic participation is second to none. Can you think of a better home for our board game?

Difficult to believe that this is the very same game lambasted in the mainstream media, banned from International Toy Fairs, critised by MP’s and excluded from the high street, who claim it to be unsuitable and upsetting for the public. We are often told our game ‘doesn’t fit in‘, but we are not too sure what it doesn't fit in with. We are on our third print run in just over a year; the game has had a very welcome reception with the public all over the world; it's been warmly received in game shops, bookshops, museums and galleries and has even been put to educational use in universities in this country. It would seem our game has 'fitted in' more than most.

It's clear that "fitting in" is everything to do with commercial and power-based self-interests (hardly ever mentioned) and little to do with public interest (almost always cited as 'concern no.1'). Looking around the Imperial War Museum, this behaviour is most evident during times of war, when the insidious power of propaganda to distort truth is at its strongest. Although we often think of the mendacious work of Goebels in WWII, the same tricks are alive and well today, with mass media, businesses and politicians all willingly taking part, carefully ostracising voices of dissent and criticism.

The importance of institutions like the IWM lies in the ability to keep the memory of past conflicts alive, in the hope that we might learn from mistakes. Looking at the past does wonders for clarifying the present. We think that perhaps now, more than ever, a trip to the IWM might be in order, anyone agree?

Remember, the Imperial War Museum is FREE to enter.


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