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12 Jan 2007

We're back...

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The holidays are but a distant memory. It's back to the coal face for us. We got back this week to around 500 emails and a load of photos of people enjoying WoT over the festive season.

Funny tales abound: of families playing War on Terror on Christmas day; of devilish 10-year-olds double-nuking their parents; of a husband and wife each giving the other WoT as a present; of general tears and glory and possibly best of all - a photo sequence of some nutter skydiving in an EVIL balaclava.

We've also updated the EVIL gallery for your special enjoyment and perusal.

Meanwhile, we're 'mopping up' a few stragglers from last year's order orgy. If you have a 'problem order' and have heard nothing yet, don't worry, we know about you and we'll be getting round to it very soon. Apart from that, we're basically planning our assault on 2007. Lots of stuff in the pipeline, so looks like it's going to be a busy year.


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