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21 Aug 2007

WoT...Another convention?

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We were banned from every major games fair in the world...until we were invited to go to Las Vegas where we won an award for best stand at GAMA! And now it's time to don our orange jump suits once more...this time at Guantanamo Bay...sorry that should have read Gen Con UK in Reading.

Vegas was trade only, where we made some rather useful distribution links in our struggle for world domination, this time we're offering our souls and our game to not only those in the trade but also you, the beautiful public...

So once again we will be roaming the streets the night before collecting rubbish and WMD's, if we can find any, in order to prettify our award winning crap filled stand format.

The doors of Reading University who host Gen Con UK will be opening to the public thus:
Thursday 30th Aug 9am-6pm
Friday 31st Aug 9am-7pm
Sat 1st Sep 9am-6.30pm
Sun 2nd Sep 9am-4pm

Creator Andy Sheerin will be in attendance and oranged up, as well as Illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones.

Why not come along and say 'Hello!' or 'Can I buy a set right here and now, signed by one of the creators and the Illustrator at a special discounted Gen Con Price?' and we will either say 'Hello!' or 'Yes, of course...oh be careful, don't touch that, that's not ours, we didn't bring any rats this time...'

Despite what your Government tells you, it will be safe, people will be nice, you will have a great time, no harm will come to any of us, we will mingle and play with each other happily. Ooh-er! See you there...


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