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11 Apr 2007

Fear, terror, paint & bed sheets

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So a sunny Sunday and we need some backdrops for our stand at the Vegas. Apparently we've got black & silver curtains as standard, so we thought we'd try and brighten the place up a bit.

A few hours of intensive brainstorming the week before had left us with the rough plan of 'sunday', 'big red sheets', 'black paint', 'white paint' and 'make a bit of a mess'.

So Sunday rolls on and "we've" got 4 huge sheets to paint in a day. After some initial hard work finding a suitable old van and railway gate to paint on, it soon transpired that the two Andys had little more to do than supply beer, music, entertainment and harsh critiques and 'artistic suggestions' to Tom now and then, through a loud-hailer.

Tom kept up the pace with amazing stamina, throwing the paint on the canvas with both speed AND precision.Tom steps up to the mark and leaps in with bomb blast, flying bodies and calm smoking men sitting in deckchairs. A few coffees and cakes later and we're on our way to having the first banner cracked.

Tom kept up the pace with amazing stamina, throwing the paint on the canvas with both speed AND precision. The two Andys struggling to keep at his pace with their beer drinking and peanut eating.

Andy T wandered off at one point, only to return on the new pirate trike sound system... Irreverent, but it made our hanging around watching Tom work a lot more fun.

As the sun starts to come down, we have four crazy banners which will provide the perfect stage for our 'just been nuked out' stand for the Vegas show. Good work Tom.

Only a week left to go before we're off to Vegas. Plenty of work still to be done, we're currently etching cock-roaches. Will they be ready for us?

Other news: It's true, we originally had the idea for the EVIL Balaclava back in '68, but only recently cracked getting it mass-produced as part of a boardgame.


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