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30 Mar 2006

New Prototypes.

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A beautiful union of paper and plastic has resulted in War on Terror, the boardgame v. (all trendy things these days have overly-complex version numbers).

We're getting nearer to the finish line every day here at the TerrorBull Games bunker. The new boards look well swanky and they fold too. But best of all is the proper Axis of Evil spinner. Had we known it would be so much fun to flick a spinner that's labelled 'Axis of Evil', we would've constructed the game solely around this activity.

We've actually made up a few of these sets which are currently being lent out to blind testing groups (not groups comprised of blind people, but people who have no knowledge of the game). Others we're keeping in pristine condition for buyers and distributors. When we have any news on that front, you'll be the first to know.


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