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07 Dec 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Jenn & French Thomas

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First game in a while. Actually, there was a five player game sometime in November that's been buried in the sands of time because an hour in it broke down in drunken confusion and upset over a misreading of the "terrorist movement" rule. Such is the power of the War on Terror.

Everyone starts out with a good spread across the globe. Andy S tries to claim the entire southern hemisphere in his first turn, which was probably a tad too ambitious since Andy T already has a score to settle from previous games.

Three hours after starting, the world is a flat-level anarchic wasteland.This score is levelled about half-way through the game when an Andy T-delivered nuke drops on the Andy S homeland of Africa, followed up by a devastating terrorist attack on the cities of Nowhere. Prior to this, no one had barely fired a shot. Still, it's a nasty old game sometimes. Andy S fights back for a bit, but to no avail. He soon decides to quit the empire race and turn terrorist, after a well-timed Global Jihad card.

French Tom and Jenn both keep their heads down during all this. Jenn's hoping her budding Pan-American empire will go unnoticed (which it does for the next couple of turns) while French Tom does one of the best impressions of a pacifist so far seen in this game, but the amount of terrorists now covering Asia and Europe makes him nervous and he tries to keep Andy T in check with the Kyoto protocol. Andy T worms his way out of it however, but promising to pay Tom not to play the card - and then refuses to pay up. Shame!

It looks like Andy T's might and money are unstoppable when just a turn later he picks up the card inspector, fishes through the cards and retrieves a nuke, which he drops on French Tom. Followed by another one. And that's how Tom turns to the dark side. In a frankly psychotic twist of fate, Andy T then declares himself terrorist, leaving Jenn alone to face a radioactive, terrorist playground.

Jenn does her best to defend America, but the sudden influx of cards and cash to Andy S's terrorist army are devastating. Despite sneakily robbing the bank for 100m, Jenn crumbles under the terrorist ire.

Three hours after starting, the world is a flat-level anarchic wasteland. Hurrah!


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