Playing With Your Mind

"TerrorBull Games to run for office!" Liber Mortis - board game specialists, Liverpool 19th February 2010

Who Are We?

TerrorBull Games grapples with the nasty things in life through games that are both thought-provoking and fun.

From the About Us page: We blend politics, psychology, dark humour and a healthy dose of irreverence to make games that involve on both the superficial and the most profound levels. Our game mechanics are translations of real world behaviours and motives, which makes them ideal for people who 'don't normally play board games' ...

From the Manifesto: Why games? They are fun, interactive and powerfully educational. Our aims can be boiled down to these two things: We want our games to have the power to change how you think. And we want you to have the power to change the game ...

Our manifesto details the tabletop revolution, while our About Us section is full of predictable propaganda. Let's Play.

Latest Blog:

27 Nov 2014

The Final Days Are Upon Us

Image for The Final Days Are Upon Us £12,294 pledged of £14,000 goal ... 27 hours to go

We're entering the 11th hour; judgement day; the end times; ... the next 24 hours will be crucial in deciding whether The Hen Commandments gets made or not.Continue reading The Final Days Are Upon Us ...

Current Games

Some of our games
War on Terror, the boardgame
War on Terror overview:
"Fight the terrorists, fund the terrorists, be the terrorists"
3 to 6 players
120+ minutes
15+ yrs
Crunch, the game for utter bankers
Crunch overview:
"Fat cat bankers in a race to the bottom and a sweet retirement"
2 to 4 players
45+ minutes
12+ yrs
Our Sonovabitch
Our Sonovabitch overview:
"Sell weapons to your favourite dictators while ignoring their crimes"
2 players
10-15 minutes
8+ yrs
Download and play
Metakettle overview:
"A game about being kettled for when you're being kettled"
20+ players
Maybe hours
6+ yrs
Download and play

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