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22 Jul 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Ilaria & Dave M-J

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Quite a late start after some Thai curry and we've got ourselves a four player game. The new board went down a storm and it was the first game with some tweaks to the 'war rules', which worked well we think.

Anyway, Andy S starts in North America and Nowhere, Andy T's looking like he wants Asia, Dave Europe and Africa and Ila's in South America and Australia. Andy S sends in the planes to 'civilise' the FalklandsA few quick turns and the only 'aggression' is Andy T making a move into Northern Europe, which Dave seems to turn a blind eye to. Then, BAM! Andy S nukes Ilaria out of South America and sends in the planes to 'civilise' the Falklands. A nasty move, even by his standards, but then he was Evil at the time. Ila instantly talks of torture and revenge. Andy S is spreading 'Andy T is going to win propaganda' at the same time Andy T is handing Dave notes ("take South America quick")... Dave tries to take Europe instead and leaves Andy S the opportunity to take South America for his own.

Andy T is looking good with the whole of Asia, but Andy S's propaganda seems to work as Ila hits him with the Kyoto Protocol, crippling his funds. Ila then turns terrorist and Andy S slaps Andy T again with another Kyoto Protocol. Andy T tries to invade America from Russia, but it only holds back Andy S for a short while... Andy S wins another game for an Empire! Again, about two and half hours. Top stuff.

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