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27 Aug 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Neil, Hamish & French Tom

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A Saturday afternoon, the perfect time for a spot of War on Terror, unless you've got a vicious hangover, so a round of applause for Neil who managed to make it to his first ever game, and we also welcome French Tom into the fold...

Early game and everything seems nice enough, unfortunately Neil leaves early but Andy T soon expands to take his space and take Asia for his own. French Tom is liking Africa, Hamish seems to settle in Europe which gives Andy S the run of the rest of the world. Andy T turns evil and picks up some devilish cards, Andy S manages to steal a Revolution card, but it's not enough and suddenly the whole of Africa is shouting 'they all must go' and Tom's empire falls.

Andy T's final village crumbles and he joins Tom as a terrorist playerAndy T tries to move in quick but Hamish seems to beat him to it somehow, now there's a new front opening between the Andies in South East Asia. Lots of screaming, shouting and finger pointing ensues but ends up with some nuclear wasteland and Andy T's final village crumbles and he joins Tom as a terrorist player.

The propaganda starts straight away, both Empires are looking strong and the terrorists only hope is to get them to fight each other. Instead they appear to be working together to keep the terrorist forces at bay. Andy S is looking stronger, closer to winning and the pitch of the 'war propaganda' raises a notch. Hamish holds back though, allows Andy S to win the game with a victory for his empire. Hamish has vowed to strike first next time round...

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