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20 Aug 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S & London Pete

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A saturday afternoon game, always a good time for a spot of War on Terror. Pete is introduced to the game for the first time, up against the Andys. Andy T goes first, spreading his three villages thin, trying to claim North America for his own, but leaving enough space for Andy S to jump on in. Pete grabs south Asia. Andy T is smarting from the set-up round so he sends in the terrorist on his first turn. It looks like it's going to be a dirty fight. Before long Andy S is nuking Peru and Andy T funds a regime change in Alaska, taking Pete's city just as he finishes building it.

Pete drops a nuke in the Congo and Andy T doesn't look so good.Greenland becomes a hot spot, terrorists jumping back and forth from Iceland. After a few initial secret messages it seems to be every man for himself. Each fancying their chances at points, apart from Pete who has an air of doom about him. Andy T knocks up a handful of cities, the red menace spreads through Asia. Andy T tries to speed up the process with a nuke, but Pete manages to purchase a bunker just in time.

Rolling in cash, Andy T likes the odds. Then a well timed Kyoto Protocol from Andy S dents the funds, Andy S follows it up with his very own regime change in Europe. Pete drops a nuke in the Congo and Andy T doesn't look so good. He cheers up when he turns evil and gets some Terrorist Cards. But it's too late and Andy S wins with the Americas, Nowhere and a handful of Africa. Two and a bit hour game...

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