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13 Aug 2005

Game Report: Andy S, Andy S & Tom M-J

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It's the boys! A hardcore, no messing, the 'originals', three player game... And it starts off angry. Andy T places his three initial village in North America, Nowhere and Africa, claiming South America as his own and a game plan already in mind. Unfortunately Tom settles in South America and it looks like it's going to get nasty as terrorists are being bought in the first round. Andy S goes for a Europe and Australia mix and Tom also looks like he wants Asia. After some very passionate 'I was there first' debates concerning rights to land, Tom decides to invade North America, just to shut Andy T up.

Andy S decides to go to the loo at this point, a strategic errorMinor battles and terrorist attacks break out and Andy T soon forces him out, it ends peacefully as Tom withdraws his last settlement in return for peace in South America. Andy S has eyes for Africa and cleans out Andy T with a well placed nuke. Andy S decides to go to the loo at this point, a strategic error as it gives Andy T and Tom (now friends) just enough time to plan their pincer movement on Europe. A turn later and the combined force of Tom and Andy T knocks the wind out of Andy S and he turns terrorist, complaining of lack of funds. There's talk of fighting for world peace but it's obvious both Tom and Andy T have victory in their sights. After one peaceful turn they start taking pot shots at each other, dropping the odd bunch of terrorists on the board.

Andy S sends in the suicide bombers and Andy T seems on the verge of winning, but is the target for the terrorist force. Tom takes this opportunity and grabs Asia, Africa and South America all for himself.... 8 Empire points and his second ever victory! Well done Tom. Just over two hours for the game.

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